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Piotr Trojawski presents: Evolution of Work and Aspiration for 2020s

Post di Massimo Sarti - 04/2020 · 1 minuto per leggerlo

This time it will be about Evolution of Work and Aspiration for the 2020s with Piotr Trojanowski
The webinar provokes a human-centric view on the evolution of work and evolution of the purpose of work. It helps you out of the hamster wheel of the single loop learning and encourages a deeper reflection on the purpose of business.
It summarizes the evolution of work in recent decades and the state of Agility at the end of 2010s. In parallel, the webinar equips you with a set of tools that will be useful to design your own vision of the future (Wardley maps, for 2020 double learning loop).
This webinar is for all people-oriented leaders and practitioners, including CEOs, Agile Coaches, HR officers that sense friction between how their companies function and needs of employees and societies.
For leaders who see limitations in how we work these days and look for inspiration for alternative ways of working: alternative ways of engaging people in their company’s mission, but also an alternative purpose of work in the first place.

Data e informazioni

Webinar online, 21 aprile 2020, 7.00 PM CEST

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